Off-market property purchases with a Melbourne buyer’s advocate

Secure a great deal with an off-market property purchase

Now you can gain access to properties before they hit the market or expand the property options available to you with an off-market purchase.

Tired of missing out on properties you see online? Maybe you’ve seen a property sell without ever knowing it was on the market? No online listing, no for sale sign, yet the property changes hands. This is what’s often referred to an off-market sale. 

Here at Middleman Management, we have years of experience building relationships with industry contacts in the Melbourne property market. We’re often the first call a real estate agent makes when they have a property for sale that might not want to be sold publicly.

Buying off-market is hard on your own

Purchasing a property in this way can be an attractive option, but for the average buyer having the insider knowledge, time and contacts to hear about these deals is near impossible. 

As a buyer’s agent, we’ll be your wingman (or wing-woman) to help secure the perfect property for you. We’re in constant communication with a large network of agents and homeowners, having spent years building up these relationships. 

We’re often the first call when an agent has a worthy off-market property on their books. By choosing to work with us as your buyer’s a

Why do sellers prefer off-market sales?

Some sellers are looking for a no-fuss, straightforward and time-saving sale. They’d prefer to avoid the hassle of a marketing campaign over a number of weeks or months and prefer to keep inspections to a minimum.

Sellers can also save money as they avoid the marketing costs commonly associated with promoting their property. They also avoid having a for sale sign out the front which can be preferred by sellers who wish to keep a level of privacy and opt for a discreet sale.

Pinpoint the property you are after

When you approach us as your buyer’s agent we discuss with you what you are looking for in a property, where you want it to be located and what budget you have in mind.

We’ll then be able to open many doors for you that aren’t possible in a property search on your own. If a real estate agent gives us a call and lets us know about a property we think suits your needs you’ll be the first to know. 

With our extensive property experience, we can help you determine the property’s value and lock in a purchase before a property goes to market (if at all).


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