Our Unique Co-Pilot Program

We understand you may not need our complete property buying service. Sometimes you just need a wingman (or woman) to help you with the tricky or more time consuming bits of the process. Our tailored services offer you only the help you need, when you need it.

You can have as little or as much assistance as you like because we want to make the buying process as simple and as enjoyable as possible.  Whether you’re first home buyers, owner occupiers or strategic investors, we have got you covered.

Choose to mix any of our key steps you would like us to assist you with.

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Maybe you’ve identified yourself the properties that best suit you, but need a second pair of eyes to conduct a thorough market analysis to determine the current value, location and classification of the property.

If you’re located a considerable distance from where you are purchasing the property, we can inspect properties on your behalf. We’ll communicate with you about each property's pros and cons.

We can also ensure all technicalities are in order and can facilitate  contract reviews, as well as arrange pest and building inspections and rental appraisals.


We know the time spent trawling the web for properties and calling agents for information on the properties takes up a whole chunk of time. All your downtime can be spent trying to find your ideal property which can be a lengthy and unsuccessful process.

Take the hassle out of your purchase and let us help you in your Melbourne property search. We use our network of agents to find properties that best fit your criteria. Some may not even be on the market.

Then we shortlist the most suitable match to your criteria and make sure you understand how it will all work in terms of numbers. Leaving you with only a small number of properties you need to check out and broaden your access to suitable properties with the off market opportunities presented.

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Negotiate/Auction Bidding

Maybe you’ve done the hard yards on choosing a property you are interested in and need a helping hand to make the purchase at the best price. We can negotiate on your behalf to achieve the best possible price and terms of agreement.

We’ll develop a strategy that’s just for you in order to reach your dream result.

Need a helping hand? Book a complimentary strategy session with us.


Join other home buyers and investors across Melbourne receive advice that will assist in your buying needs.


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